Interlude – 1,000 years ago part 2 of 2

In part 2 of 2 of our special flashback episode, the previous Shadow Warriors confront Kardiss and discover the secret history that has been effecting the current Shadow and Light Warriors. Join us as we discover the events that propelled our adventurers’ stories! Featuring Cara, Jackie, Erin, and Jonas as the previous Shadow Warriors.

Act 3 – Twilight Warriors part 2

You know how sometimes you have to go down to the bottom before you can climb back up? Well, the Twilight Warriors are finding that out as they go deeper into the Underdark. The good news is there is something giant, shiny, and the shape of a spaceship at the end of their path. Go to infinity and beyond with Herpty-Derpty (Eli), Bazza (Cara), Gary (Tom), and Willow (Richard) in this amazing episode!

Act 3 – Dawn Warriors part 1

The Battle of the Bands has ended, and a giant dragon is now destroying the city! Vlad and Darryk of the Light Warriors and Remy and Gem of the Shadow Warriors must now let bygones be bygones and work together to defeat the dragon! But someone, or something, from Vlad’s past has come back to haunt him and his new team. Join the Dawn Warriors: Vlad (Jonas), Remy (Jackie), Gem (Erin), and Darryk (Dan) on their new quest!

Act 3 – Twilight Warriors part 1

After the dramatic conclusion of the Battle of the Bands, Willow, Bazza, Gary, and Herpty-Derpty have fallen down into the deep underdark. What horrors lurk down below, and how will these four adventurers get along? Featuring horrors under the water, cool belts, cannibalism, and sibling quarrels! Join Cara, Eli, Tom, and Richard as they play the now titled “Twilight Warriors.”