Act 4 – Shadow Warriors part 7

After being shipwrecked, the Shadow Warriors find themselves on an island of strange beasts and nightmarish creatures. And who are these beings that call themselves “gods?” Join us on our first episode where we all recorded in the same room! Featuring Bazza (Cara), Remy (Jackie), Gem (Erin), Willow (Richard), and Eybar (Peter).

Act 4 – Light Warriors part 5

The Light Warriors are off to meet Herpty-Derpty’s parents, but on the way, a strange crystal falls from the sky and crashes near them. Out of the crystal falls a bizarre, grotesque creature that wants nothing more than to decimate the Light Warriors. Who or what is it, and who sent it? Featuring Vlad (Jonas), Gary (Tom), and Herpty-Derpty (Eli).