Ep 15: Act 2 – Shadow Warriors part 6

Vampires? In my town? It’s more likely than you think.
Get a free PC check, and along the way, try to guess what the Shadow Warriors would do?
Well, if “get drunk” and “use logical fallacies to appeal to people’s emotions” are what you guessed, then you came to the right podcast! Join Bazza (Cara), Gem (Erin), Willow (Richard), and Remy (Jackie) as they make a plan to defeat a vampire!


Act 2 – Light Warriors part 5

Welcome to our first “sidequest” as the Light Warriors go hunting for Herpty-Derpty, who went missing in between episodes. Come follow Vlad, Darryk, and Gary as they search for their missing friend, fight off coyotes and polar bears, and talk about the band Technatronix for at least 20 minutes. (I’m going to apologize for that last part before you listen; it got a bit out of hand.)

Act 2 – Shadow Warriors part 5

Welcome to Tetlasburg, Shadow Warriors! We hope you enjoy the sights: townsfolk carting away bodies, gruff alcoholics with secret pasts, dangers lurking around at night, and of course, everyone’s favorite dapper dwarf: Frederick Floyd Flimflammer and his Repository of Respectable Resources! Join Gem (Erin), Bazza (Cara), Willow (Richard), and Remy (Jackie) as they attempt to find out what happened to the great sage, Wort.


Act 2 – Light Warriors part 4

What was that loud gunshot in Desolation square? What is happening in the Desolation mines? What happened to all the water? Who are the Tariff Gang? What happened to Wyatt, the miner? Who is Maybelle, and what bizarre creation is she making? And where is the Water Crystal? Find out this, and more, with the Light Warriors: Gary (Tom), Derryk (Dan), Herpty Derpty (Eli) and Vlad (Jonas).


Act 2 – Light Warriors part 3

The Light Warriors have arrived in the town of Desolation: a worn-down old mining town where water is worth its weight in gold. As the Light Warriors explore the town to find information about the Water Crystal, they start to find out about the deeper secret in Desolation. Join Gary (Tom), Derryk (Dan), Vlad (Jonas), and Herpty-Derpty (Eli) as they continue their quest in the Wild West!