Act 3 – Twilight Warriors part 6

The Twilight Warriors are successful in finding the Earth Crystal while deep in space, but who, or what, is controlling the Satellite, setting a course for it to crash back on the planet? Will the team be able to stop them? Will they survive the crash? Find out in this exciting episode of DnDin’! Featuring Bazza (Cara), Willow (Richard), Gary (Tom), and Herpty-Derpty (Eli).

Act 3 – Dawn Warriors part 4

The Dawn Warriors head deep into the depths of the ziggurat to find the mystical power source. But what puzzles and traps await them inside? Will Remy succumb to the eternal flames? Will Gem drown deep in the depths of the forbidden pool? Find out in this episode of DnDin’! Featuring Remy (Jackie), Gem (Erin), Vlad (Jonas), and Darryk (Dan) as the Dawn Warriors.