A very special DM episode

Welcome to a Very Special DnDin’ episode! Dungeon Masters get to create exciting worlds for their players to play in, but never get to play themselves, so for this episode, we invited the Dungeon Masters from 4 actual-play podcasts to come play as characters. Featuring Andrew of ChasmQuest, Kat of Dames and Dragons, Scott of CSI:Neverwinter, and Ben of MurderDice. Please check out their podcasts as well!


Act 5 – The End part 3 of 4

The finale episode for the Shadow Warriors! Will they defeat Kardiss, Goddess of Destruction and Chaos? And what happens afterwards? Join us in the penultimate episode of the first Campaign and find out what happens to Bazza (Cara), Willow (Richard), Remy (Jackie), Gem (Erin), and guest-starring Emma as Moirae Kismet!


Act 5 – The End part 2 of 4

Eybar has been traveling with the Shadow Warriors for quite some time, but is he really who he seems? And if not, what are the Shadow Warriors, and the Light Warriors, going to do about it? Watch as the two teams butt-heads in this, part 2 of 4 of The End of the Campaign!
Featuring Eybar (Peter), Remy (Jackie), Vlad (Jonas), Gem (Erin), Herpty-Derpty (Eli), Willow (Richard), Gary (Tom), Darryk (Dan), and Bazza (Cara).


Act 5 – The End part 1 of 4

Here it is: everything has been leading up to The End of Everything! Join ALL the cast of DnDin’ as we figure out how to defeat 3 gods! Featuring Vlad (Jonas), Bazza (Cara), Remy (Jackie), Herpty-Derpty (Eli), Eybar (Peter), Darryk (Dan), Gem (Erin), Willow (Richard), and Gary (Tom).

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Act 4 – Shadow Warriors part 10

The Shadow Warriors now have a plan to defeat the gods. Now time to act on it. And what is Eybar up to? Featuring Remy (Jackie), Gem (Erin), Willow (Richard), Eybar (Peter), and Bazza (Cara).

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